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Online gaming has become a popular tool for corporate team building, providing a fun and engaging way to foster collaboration, improve productivity, and build stronger relationships among team members.

One of the main benefits of online gaming for corporate team building is the potential to enhance collaboration and friendships, which in turn can increase worker productivity. Research shows that having a “best friend” at work can make a job more enjoyable, increasing productivity and creativity. This is because the relationships formed during or after work hours can benefit the workplace.

Another advantage of online gaming is that it can help to enhance cognitive skills. Playing video games can improve productivity by 20% and offer cognitive benefits such as improving sustained attention, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, memory recall, and even help to prevent beta-amyloid deposits from forming, which are the hallmark of Alzheimer’s.

Online games also provide a platform for shared experiences that can build better bonds. When team members share an experience, like working together to root out the suspect in an intense game qqalfa of Among Us, that’s when team building and improving morale happens. Being able to see the traits in action in co-workers helps everyone increase confidence in each other’s abilities, and knowing the individual strengths and weaknesses of people overall helps us work together in the most effective ways.

Online gaming can also help to manage stress levels, promote mental wellness, and create high engagement. A report by the UN cites that around 40% of workers report high stress during remote working. Smartly planned online corporate games can help co-workers manage their stress. When stress levels come down, productivity will shoot up by default.

Corporate games can also upscale creativity. Games like Pictionary, personality quizzes, and Charades can work wonders to spark creativity. The more opportunities employees have to be creative, the higher their engagement and productivity will be.

Furthermore, online corporate games can help to identify leaders. High employee engagement is driven by leaders who do not give up before trying the last trick. Online corporate games can give you an insight into the mindsets of your talent pool.

Finally, online corporate games can also foster inclusivity, cohesiveness, and teamwork. Games that involve individuals having to pull together to solve problems can help people work better under pressure. Games that are educational as well as fun can help to add a training element, helping co-workers discover interests outside of their present role.

In conclusion, online gaming is a powerful tool for corporate team building. It not only provides a fun and engaging way to foster collaboration and build stronger relationships among team members but also offers numerous benefits such as enhancing cognitive skills, managing stress levels, promoting mental wellness, upscaling creativity, identifying leaders, fostering inclusivity, cohesiveness, and teamwork.

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